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Following list contains a selection of interesting aplication where we supplied instruments, hardware, or software. We focus on a whole range of aplications from small, one station application to large systems with dozens of PLCs and process control places.

Technology control systems and DCS

TAMEH Czech - integrated control room for boilers

Design and realization of the control room for boilers with overall capacity of steam 1000 t/h, 512 °C, 9.5 MPa with fuels: coal dust, natural gas, COG and CCG. Flexibile system of six workplaces with dynamic access rights and interaction with the PBX. Fully redundant solution based on technologies for high availability.

Monitoring and control systen QuickControl in cluster mode with multiple redundant networks, 14 client PCs, 4 large screen view. Monitoring and control of boilers technology, detection of CO in boiler room, independent measurement of emissions, IP cameras, IP PBX and IP paging integrated in one system.

Správa železniční dopravní cesty - railway infrastructure administration

Cooperation on design from idea to detail design on monitoring of railway infrastructure SŽDC. Realization of servers part of system in Přerov, Ostrava and Plzneň. Redundant application based on QuickControl and IEC 60870-5-104 protocol.

Technical and economic study of efectivity electrical energy usage in railway infrastructure.

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Instrumentation and control

IKEM Praha - PLC for technical equipment of building

Cooperation on migration of SAIA PLCs for new HW and SCADA system.

TAMEH Czech - boiler support technologies K14

Design and realization of instrumentation and control system for boiler support technologies (watter supply pumps, air compressors, ammonia transport, cooling watter, steam distributtion, gas warning system) for boiler with steam 320 t/h, 512 °C.

Design and realization of instrumentation and control system of coal handling system. Migration old PLC SAIA and SCADA integration included.

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