The current trend of application integration in a heterogeneous business environment is web information portals, which provide services and information for a wide range of users, from expert operational and service personnel to control personnel and management to ordinary users. Each portal is customized according to the wishes and requirements of the customer, and can integrate and mediate the access and management of individual activities.


The benefits of this technology permeate across the company:

  • widely available monitoring of ICT/MaR systems
  • fault signaling linked to repair work
  • linking with the management of repairs and subsequent service actions
  • management of operational processes and work
  • management of regular service and revision activities
  • connection of technologies with operational documentation
  • spatial and geolocation information linked to technologies for service
  • ongoing energy management

The establishment of information portals fulfills the needs of digitization of production in a modern and progressive way, which brings:

  • increasing the quality of the organization and work safety
  • improving the reliability of production processes
  • reduction of IS/ICT/MaR maintenance costs
  • improving coordination within the organization
  • cost reduction thanks to ongoing energy management
  • effective coordination of suppliers and service components or organizations

With the help of our integration platform, we manage the integration of various technologies (SCADA/DCS, PLC, camera systems, VPN, VoIP, IP paging,...) into one consistent unit adapted to a wide range of client workplaces, from workstations to tablets and mobile phones.