code network wiring

We have been creating and integrating software since 1995. We know MS-DOS, Windows 3.11, OS/2 as well as current Linux and Windows. We know C/C++, Javascript, PHP, Perl, SQL and other languages and tools. For us, digitization is synonymous not only with application integration, but also with a simple custom solution.

During integrations, we create reusable elements thanks to which we achieve stable and sustainable results.

We design and project control systems for measurement and regulation, optical, metallic and radio data networks and transmission systems, data collection systems and information systems with an overlap in electrical installation, lighting and lightning protection. We design in a modern and creative way with Autodesk and EPLAN products.

We can manage not only steam turbogenerators, water turbines, wastewater treatment plants, but also measuring lines, air conditioning systems and building heating. Not only in industry, we can measure, control, connect and integrate physical variables, control systems and camera and VoIP systems. We can work well with SCADA/HMI Promotic, InTouch and QuickControl and PLC/DCS WAGO, SIMATIC and SAIA. We can design, supply, program, revive and also operate and reconstruct.

Thanks to years of experience with SAIA / Saia Burgess Electronics / Saia Burgess Controls / SBC Honeywell control systems, we offer comprehensive application service with PCD1/2/3/4/6 control systems.