We provide independent consulting in the field of measurement and regulation systems, including their connection to the company's information systems. Our goal is to help the economically successful and sustainable operation of your technological or energy equipment or building.

First, we analyze the problem areas of the existing solution, when we examine the system from many different points of view.

  • User interface of the system - availability, reliability, consistency.
  • System maintenance - regular maintenance, emergency response, availability of spare parts.
  • System resilience - critical elements and the effects of their failures.
  • System security - protection against unauthorized access and disruption of system functions. 
  • External connections of the system - energy, media, environment.

At the same time, we conduct consultations with individual users when we find out ways of using the system and look for potential directions for its development.

Subsequently, we will prepare a set of recommendations and adjustments to the systems, including an evaluation of their expected economic impact.