During the implementation of our orders, we gained rich experience with applications in the Internet, intranet environment, real-time data processing, creating database applications and applications for mobile devices.

We implement applications on Linux and Windows platforms, for tablets and mobile phones, as well as for industrial control systems.

We like to use a number of open source components when creating our solutions:

  • Linux operating systems in Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions (CentOS, AlmaLinux, RockyLinux), Debian, Ubuntu.
  • Databases PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite.
  • Web servers nginx, apache.
  • NextCloud, WordPress, Drupal, Gitea, OpenProject web applications
  • Programming toolkits Qt, Nette, Vue.js, Dojo

Since 1995, we have implemented a large number of SW projects on many platforms and in various areas. When designing and creating solutions, we try to take the client's needs into account as much as possible and contribute to the creation of an economically beneficial and user-friendly solution. We can deliver applications including the necessary HW, or integrate them into the customer's existing IT infrastructure or external hosting.

The subsequent support and maintenance of the system according to the agreed scheme is a matter of course. We provide 24/7 support for operationally critical applications. We also provide advice and support in deploying and using open source software.