Information systems for companies

Asyc, s.r.o. develops information systems for companies and businesses in IBM's Notes. As an example of such a system we will review the most common modules in our own company's system. IBM Notes consist of a whole range of products focused on improved cooperation in work teams and groups as well as in very large organizations. The IBM Notes environment integrates all the most important information sources – address book, e-mail, calender and schedule, log book, task list, web site, database – into one environment for message forwarding and more. It allows its users to employ those sources whether they are connected to the network or not.

Following is the overview of modules available for use in the information system. Keep in mind that this is just an illustration, real system has to be custom made to suit each user's needs and requirements.

ukázka přehledu kontaktů

Address book

The elementary building block of the application is the address book of the whole company's contacts. It's divided into a whole range of categories and there are custom forms for each category. Using the form for quick contact review one can quickly send e-mail or create a business letter with pre-filled head in a matter of seconds.


This part of the application creates one standard for a whole company correspondence. The most important task is to secure creation, approval, expedition, and archiving of outcoming mail as well as sorting, content reviewing and following archiving incoming mail. All this includes not only regular mail, but also e-mail correspondence.

část formuláře pro směrnice
část formuláře pro směrnice


This part serves for keeping employees updated on all new company directives and regulations. Directives module can be used, for example, to introduce a new work safety regulation, new work procedure etc. The author of a new directive can select a period of time for which the directive is valid. The application then monitors that time period with regard of the time when it was first entered into the system and also makes sure that all of the persons selected as addressees get the message. The program then keeps archive of signatures connected to the particular directive. One can also create updates for already introduced directives or regulations.

Internal announcements

This module makes it possible to send internal announcements to selected employees. This feature also contains a feedback option for an addressee in a form of electronic signature. This signature is then saved and locked (without the option of further changes) into the document and archived.

Examples of other modules

The system contains plenty of different modules that help to unify company work flow.

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