Quick Integration Platform

QIP (Quick Integration Platform) is the software basis for the creation of operational portals and access gateways which we use to integrate heterogeneous systems and applications into the Internet / intranet environment for stationary personal workstations and mobile devices. Platform provides security separation of technological infrastructure from user infrastructure. It offers the possibility of integrating systems into a single user environment with common user management and access control.

It is the ideal building block for applications for industry 4.0 using modern data collection technologies, including IoT, and enables the creation of a private enterprise cloud solution. It enables the digitization of processes closely related to technology control and monitoring. Thanks to GIS extensions, it is also suitable for spatially large Smart City applications, modules for working with energy are a suitable tool for Smart Grid applications and energy management applications.

Area of possible usage of the information portal

Integrované problematiky a oblasti činností

Information portals provide services and information for a wide range of users, from professional operations and service staff through managers and management to end users and customers. Each portal is adapted to the wishes and requirements of the customer.

We have prepared specialized modules for the integration portal, such as: SCADA, GIS, DMS, ERP / CMS and EMS.

Taking into account the great diversity of technical configurations, organizational schemes and diversity and scope of the issues addressed. We always offer solutions tailored to specific issues for a specific customer. Please contact us for a non-binding consultation.

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