VPN/LTE router

VPN/LTE router

VPN LTE router is used for secure wireless connection of various devices with Ethernet interface to the Internet, Intranet or privat technological network. It's ideal solution for wireless connection of control systems, security systems, LAN network, computers, self-service terminals. To connect user devices router offers Ethernet 10/100, RS232, RS485, RS422 interfaces. It's made based on industrial PC from Moxa company. Basic technical specifications:


Preconfigurated router for easy use with PLCs communicating with S-NET protocol. We deliver the router as a master or slave station.

UC-LTE-MSVPN router SAIA S­NET LTE master51 800
UC-LTE-SLVPN router SAIA S­NET LTE slave47 100
*listed prices are in CZK and doesn't include VAT and shipping


At the customer's request, we are able to create tailored solution.

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